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PART 1 - 1.1 - Genesis of the analytical model :: 1.2 - Description of the analytical model :: 1.3 - A practice of analysis in the tonal harmonic discourse from Bach to Wagner :: 1.4 - By way of a general conclusion

1.2 - Description of the analytical model || 1. The generative pair and a related issue: the Neapolitan sixth :: 2. The fundamental structure :: 3.The discrete grouping unit :: 4. The mechanism of substitution :: 5. The mechanism of interpolation :: 6.The mechanism of deviation :: 7. Some rules of the game concerning H.S.U. division :: 8. Application to two texts


The generative pair V - I gives rise to the fundamental structure. How? What is it? This theory of the non-modulating harmonic discourse rests on the following premise: the logic of moving from one chord to the next within a specific key is organized according to the systematic progression through a descending circle of fifths, which itself results from the imitation of the generative pair V - I that appears at the end of the cycle. Goldman reminds us that there is nothing new here, nothing revolutionary.